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The Stoneholding James Anderson and Mark Sebanc.

“This expansive series debut, Baen’s first foray into epic fantasy, employs classic tropes but speaks with a unique voice. When the Arvon king was slain and his queen and infant son abducted, the merchant council of the Mindal set “vile power-hungry upstart” Gawmage on the throne. Eighteen years later, the highlanders of the Holding still reject Gawmage’s rule. Wilum, the aged High Bard, and his bright-eyed apprentice, Kal, hope to locate and restore the lost prince before the Holding falls to Gawmage’s army. Plentiful action scenes, narrative dialogue and liberal use of songs and poems recall Tolkien and keep pages turning. Strong characterization, especially of ingenious, daring Kal… Readers who enjoy Baen’s military SF and alternate history may well be pleasantly surprised by this new direction. Sept. 2009.”

via Fiction Reviews: 7/13/2009 – 7/13/2009 – Publishers Weekly.

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