Readers’ Reviews

Darkling Fields of Arvon re-awakened my fond boyhood memories of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ rich use of the English language, and surpassed them with something I found to be even better. Like restorative artists, Anderson and Sebanc resurrect the beauty of our language, animating the contemporary using expressions resonant with Old English and classical Latin. Their descriptive diction and clever turns of phrase are a playful delight and a joy to read. Darkling Fields also has plenty of action that unfolds in a series of adventures from beginning to end. It invites the reader to discover his or her own noble character by journeying with its protagonist and company through physical, spiritual, moral challenges and their accompanying choices. All in all, a wonderful adventure whose rich prose celebrates the English language with intelligence, etymological depth and poetic precision. To the authors — Goood Shew! Looking forward to the next one.
A. Cosentino, Pembroke, ON

I thought The Stoneholding was exceptional! It quenched my thirst for good literature. It is a creative, new, wondrous tale that I found hard to put down. I am happy to add it to my treasured collection of books that include JRR Tolkien’s writings. I look forward to reading the next two books that continue the quest. In the meantime, I will be re-reading The Stoneholding. I am definitely a fan!

W. Shepherd, Emmitsburg, MD

The Stoneholding is a beautifully written work of fantasy. Though not strictly allegorical, like Tolkien’s Middle Earth, Ahn Norvys is a world where we can see parallels to our own cosmic battle between good and evil. Additionally, fascinating maps in the style of Tolkien add greatly to the reader’s enjoyment and understanding. Lovers of fantasy fiction should thoroughly enjoy this latest effort and will look forward to the release of the next two books in the series.

S. Johnson, USA

The Stoneholding was terrific. I can hardly wait until Vol 2. I especially liked Wilum’s reference to hope. You’ve left us with a bit of a cliffhanger which is how it should be. Thanks so much for all the pleasure this book has brought me.

A. Johnson, Golden Lake, Ontario

The Stoneholding by Mark Sebanc and James Anderson is a gripping adventure in the tradition of J.R.R. Tolkien. It is suffused with spiritual truth and makes for delightful reading. I highly recommend this book.

Rev. Scott McCaig, C.C., Ottawa, ON

To discover the world of Arvon is at once a challenge and a delight. The richly detailed history of its people and culture are the storyboard against which unfolds a compelling narrative. The characters draw us into their world and their adventure keeps us captivated. The end is but a well-earned breathing space for our friends before their next head-long rush into danger. Bring it on!

K. Lewis, Toronto, Ontario

When you are a Tolkien fan – as I am – you can’t expect to find anything more descriptive than Middle Earth. The way Tolkien told his creation to the human world is awesome…. Now I can’t say any longer that Middle Earth is the only place that you can close your eyes and you’re there due to the way that is described…. Now we have Arvon too to feel that amazing landscape all around us. From the very beginning I was captured by the way in which Mark and James show me all the characters, all the actions, but most of all the landscape of The Stoneholding. I consider myself a privileged person for having this book and I can’t wait to read the other two. For those who are asking themselves who I am….Well I’m a Cuban Tolkien Fan who’d never imagined to feel, with another book, the same sensation I feel when I read something related to Middle Earth. I’m glad to see I was wrong. Thanks for The Stoneholding!

G. Moran, Havana, Cuba

I couldn’t put down The Stoneholding and was thoroughly disappointed when late-night fatigue would force me to abandon my reading. My favourite parts in the book involve the development of the concept of the Harp and the songlines. The idea of one guiding oneself through the wilderness along invisible fields emanating from the Glence, and the fact that the Hordanu is the rightful keeper of the Harp is cool. The character development is top-notch. The descriptions of everything were very detailed, always painting a vivid picture in my mind. I cannot wait for the next one.

J. Artymko, Barry’s Bay, Ontario

I’ve waited a long time for this book to come to fruition, and the wait was not in vain — I enjoyed every word! The research, the imagination, the characterization, and the quality of writing are riveting and well worth the investment of time expended in reading The Stoneholding. And as with any good trilogy, one is left at the end of this one heaving a sigh of relief and yet feeling anxious for what is yet to come. Briacoil!

A. Nordholt, Combermere, Ontario

The Stoneholding is one of the best books I have read since The Lord of the Rings. It is filled with excitement and I can’t wait for the next book to come out!

E. Duda, Windsor, Ontario

The first time I read The Stoneholding, I was blown away. I found its characters interesting and its plot gripping. One of the highlights for me was the history, culture and traditions created for this new world. As an avid reader of fantasy, I found a treasure in The Stoneholding. I recommend it for all ages (I am 13) and I can’t wait for the next book to come out!

J. Lewis, Toronto, Ontario