The Story

The StoneholdingIn the tradition of high epic fantasy comes the Legacy of the Stone Harp, a heroic tale of grand scope that will speak to readers of all ages. Set in the time of legend, a time of pastoral simplicity, before the advent of machines and technology, Legacy of the Stone Harp portrays the ageless struggle between good and evil in the richly imagined world of Ahn Norvys.

For thousands of years the diverse realms of Ahn Norvys have known only peace and security. Governed by the great harmony established in ages past by the first High King, Ardiel, whose wondrously crafted harp, the Talamadh, first bound together the heavens and the earth in peace, the folk of Ahn Norvys have lived simple, unfettered lives.

But Ardiel’s binding is beginning to unravel. The intimate connections between the things of heaven and the things of earth are being torn asunder. As the Great Harmonic Age draws toward its dire close, moral and social decay has taken hold in the land. Chaos and misrule are afoot, as are treachery and injustice. Evil figures grow in power and influence . . .

In The Stoneholding (Baen, September 2009), the Talamadh is stolen from Wilum, the High Bard, in whose care it traditionally rests in the remote highland clanholding of Lammermorn. To Kalaquinn Wright, a young Holdsman, falls the adventurous task of recovering the harp and embarking on the journey, a journey of danger and discovery, to restore the faltering harmony to a people and a world already deep beneath the shadow of darkness.

darkling_fields_of_arvon_coverIn Darkling Fields of Arvon (Baen, May 2010), Kalaquinn steps out onto a wider stage in search not only of the harp but the long-lost heir to Ardiel’s ancient throne.

In The Hidden Kingdom (forthcoming), Kal and his companions venture to the far-off Shadowedland on the eastern margins of Ahn Norvys. Here they find the lost Prince Starigan, while at the same time Kalaquinn discovers something of his own true identity.

Kalaquinn’s quest is resumed in The Ocean Isles (forthcoming), after his sojourn in the Shadowedland. This part of his quest takes him to the other end of the world amid the fabled realms that lie in the north and west of Ahn Norvys. Here he penetrates the secrets of the Talamadh, secrets so momentous that they bid to undermine his very mission of restoring true peace and harmony to Ahn Norvys.