The Business of Writing

I’ve often thought of writing as not unlike competitive figure skating. There’s the wonderful exuberance of the freestyle part of the competition, where the creative, artistic abilities of the skater are paramount. The audience is held breathless by a superior performance. Then there is the other part of the contest, the part that calls for skating figure routines–dull, prosaic exercises that only the initiated can appreciate and that often bear little correlation with the engaging brilliance of a gifted skater. The business side of writing is a bit like skating figures. Mystery novelist John Desjarlais has an excellent blog, where he talks about things like writing press releases. He also has an interesting discussion of the five things he wishes someone had told him about publishing.


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  • John

    Thanks for your kind word about my blog, “Johnny Dangerous,” where I talk about writing, the business of writing, mysteries in particular, and on occasion, faith issues. This month (Aug 2009), I’ve been blogging about Aristotle’s principles of storytelling as found in “The Poetics.”

    www (dot) johndesjarlais (dot) com

    August 21, 2009 >> 3:38 pm

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