Mark’s Interview with Gus Lloyd on Sirius Satellite

This morning I had an interview with Gus Lloyd, the kind and able host of “Seize the Day”, the morning show on the Catholic Channel on Sirius Satellite (159).  The seemingly boundless enthusiasm Gus showed for our work right from the start of the interview was hugely uplifting, as you can imagine.  It was a great way for him to kick off the interview and help ease my jitters. The Stoneholding is  the first full book Gus has read on his new Kindle reader, and, as he said, he couldn’t put it down (funny how the advent of the Kindle reader changes the literal meaning of this turn of phrase). He posed a lot of really good questions. The challenge for me was to go right to the heart of each of his questions and answer them succinctly in the space of a sentence or two. A difficult thing to do in the space of 17 minutes, when I could have gone on for hours. Those of you who heard the interview, what do you think? Which questions struck you as most interesting? Which would merit further discussion?

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  • Jim Anderson

    It was a good interview, Mark. I was particularly struck by Gus’ choice of passage to read — Wilum’s ruminations on human will — which, to my mind, spoke of the depth of the work, not only as a work of high fantasy, but as a reflection on, as you said, “metaphysical” realities and truths. Not that the work is heavily didactic, just that it has depth.

    Kudos to you for your intelligent and articulate discussion of the work.

    August 4, 2010 >> 8:36 pm

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