A Glowing Review

In all the years that I’ve lived in this corner of rural Ontario, it feels like spring has never come roaring in like this. I mean “roaring” in a good way. The temperature has soared to record highs, and the forecast calls for a succession of extraordinarily warm days right until early next week. Today, with the breaking of old man winter’s chokehold, in a small, but splendid, presage of Easter, Jim and I received one of the best and most glowing reviews yet of The Stoneholding and Darkling Fields of Arvon. It’s by Sarah Reinhard, a writer and mother who lives in rural Ohio. The review can be found on “The Integrated Catholic Life” website, where Sarah is now a regular contributor, by way of the following link: http://www.integratedcatholiclife.org/2012/03/reinhard-reviewing-legacy-stone-harp-books/
What’s particularly gratifying about Sarah’s review is the quite evident sincerity of her reaction to our work. An omnivorous reader with high standards, she had tackled the two novels with studiously neutral, if not low, expectations, and was won over by the story and the craftsmanship (as was her husband, who was initially even less receptive). What better compliment could a writer ask for?

For more about Sarah and her work, check out her blog at http://SnoringScholar.com/