Back in harness

Well, summer is winding down and we’re just a week away from Labour Day and back to school and all the workaday routines of life. There’s the hint of a night time nip in the air here in the Canadian north, a presage of autumn. It’s time to set the nose to the grindstone again, a time of new beginnings and fresh resolutions. This sense of promise and widening vistas is probably more pressing and feels more real now at the close of summer than on January 1st, the official start of our calendar year, which seems arbitrary and contrived by comparison. Which makes it all the more fitting that Jim and I have learned that the mass market paperback edition of Darkling Fields of Arvon is due to be published on November 29th. We’re pleased about this. It means we’ll be gaining more potential readers of our series. It also gives us further incentive to forge ahead with the writing of The Hidden Kingdom, our third volume, and to continue our exploration of the uncharted byways of the world of Ahn Norvys.