Catching Up With Our Readers

We apologize to our readers for our threadbare musings over the last couple of months. Actually, “threadbare” is a self-servingly charitable way to describe it. “Woefully non-existent” might be more accurate. Both of us have been caught up in the many exciting and oftentimes daunting toils of life and work. The biggest event for us as writers was the re-publication of The Stoneholding by Baen Books on September 8th, with distribution throughout North America by Simon and Schuster. It’s thrilling to think that the book is now available from one end of the continent to the other and even overseas, in bookstores big and small, benefiting from a marketing arrangement that we could only dream of in our self-publishing days. Jim has done two well-attended signings in Saskatoon, while I’m in the middle of arranging a couple of signings in Ottawa and probably Toronto. We’ll keep you posted on days and times.


In early August Jim and I attended the World Science Fiction Convention in Montreal. It was a great opportunity to get to know Jim Minz, our editor at Baen, better. He’s a great guy and very astute as an editor. Seems to know everybody under the sun in the science fiction and fantasy publishing community. We feel unbelievably blest to be working with him. He had a box of early release copies of the new edition of The Stoneholding sent up from New York. Unfortunately, they got held up in shipment. But better late than never. Jim and I were excited to actually touch and feel the published book for the first time. On one of the days of the convention, the three of us had the privilege of eating lunch with Robert Sawyer and his wife, Carolyn Clink. Rob was most encouraging and supportive, a fount of practical advice for two newly fledged Canadian writers.


At the end of October, Jim and I are off to San Jose, California, for the World Fantasy Convention. While we’re there, we’ll be doing a signing at the renowned Borderlands Books in nearby San Francisco. In the meantime, we’re forging ahead with the third volume of the Legacy of the Stone Harp and also working on a study guide that would allow The Stoneholding to be used more readily in schools.